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Practical Data Analytic Strategies (Self-Paced) is a Course

Practical Data Analytic Strategies (Self-Paced)

Started Jul 2, 2020


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Data analytics is the science and art of drawing actionable insights from data. Analytics is used in a higher education environment to analyze various collected data points to gain insight and make informed decisions about complex issues. In this self-paced course, learn a range of methods, techniques, and practices associated with entry-level applied data analytics and how to facilitate discussions around data. Explore the topics of data collection, analysis, and presentation through text and media. Reinforce your learning through assignments, reflection, and quizzes.

This self-paced asynchronous course requires approximately 2 hours per week over a 3-week period. 


  1. Describe how to collect and analyze data.
  2. Identify the best way to display and present data.
  3. Facilitate discussion around data.

Duration: self-paced

Optional Continuing Education Credit

Continuing Education credit is not available for self-paced courses. 


This course was adapted from the Data Training and Coaching for Higher Education Professionals course on Canvas Commons developed by Dr. Aeron Zentner. Dr. Zentner serves as Dean of Institutional Effectiveness at Coastline College. During his time in research, he has completed over 6,000 research requests and has published over 72 research projects.

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