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PDF Accessibility (Self-Paced) is a Course

PDF Accessibility (Self-Paced)



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Faculty are course designers, constantly creating and curating instructional materials. College staff create and author documents to be shared campus-wide. This self-paced micro-course will help faculty and staff determine if their PDF files are accessible, and provide potential resources and strategies to delivering accessible electronic documents.


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Determine the best format/strategy for delivering content, whether it should remain as a PDF, in a Word Doc, or a Canvas page
  • Run the Accessibility Checker and interpret its results to determine if a PDF is accessible
  • Given a PDF, identify the specific accessibility errors
  • Explain how the Tags Panel is a logical structure tree of a PDF that indicates the reading sequence of the document
  • Given an inaccessible PDF, identify the specific accessibility errors
  • Describe the PDF remediation workflow given a PDF that has no tags

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