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PowerPoint Accessibility (Self-Paced) is a Course

PowerPoint Accessibility (Self-Paced)



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PowerPoint presentations increase visual impact, can improve student focus, and are a great platform to provide additional insight with annotations and highlights. Ensure all of your students have access to your resources!

This self-paced micro-course will focus on the essential elements needed to create an accessible PowerPoint, explain the basics of PowerPoint’s accessibility tools, and test if a PowerPoint you did not create is inaccessible. You will also have an opportunity to apply all that you have learned in a hands-on activity that will help build your skills throughout the course.


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Determine PowerPoint accessibility
  • Use PowerPoint’s built-in accessibility tools
  • Apply accessibility principles to create an accessible PowerPoint
  • Remediate an inaccessible PowerPoint

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